Behind the Scenes: Being an Auctioneer

Behind the Scenes: Being an Auctioneer

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Behind the Scenes: Being an Auctioneer 


The auction industry is a dynamic and thriving field that offers numerous rewards to those involved. From the thrill of the bidding process to the connections formed and the relationships built, auctioneers find joy in their work in various ways. We had the opportunity to speak with three of our auctioneers - Owner - Bryce Hansen, Jamie Back, and Lake Boehm - to gain insights into their experiences and discover what they find most rewarding about being auctioneers. In our conversations, three key themes emerged: connections, entertainment, and building relationships



Connections play a vital role in the success of an auction. Forming meaningful connections is crucial for the sales staff, sellers, and buyers. Bryce Hansen, the owner of Hansen Auction Group, emphasized the significance of meeting and collaborating with individuals from various industries.

Bryce entered the industry after his uncle and father started an auction company when he was in high school. He then went on to auction school in 1993. Bryce values the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and gain insights from those who have faced challenges. This aspect of connection-building allows auctioneers to expand their knowledge and broaden their perspectives, ultimately enhancing their expertise.



Entertainment is another aspect that brings immense satisfaction to auctioneers. Jamie Back, an auctioneer since 1998, draws parallels between his role and that of a performer at a concert. He relishes in the entertainment people derive from live auctions. Witnessing the excitement and energy that bidders experience during the bidding process is a source of joy for Jamie. This explains why he never looked back after getting into the auction industry. Moreover, the ability to connect buyers and sellers, facilitating the exchange of real goods, adds another layer of gratification to his work. The captivating and enjoyable nature of auctions contributes to the rewards that auctioneers derive from their profession.


Building Relationships

Building genuine relationships with customers is a cornerstone of the auction industry. Lake Boehm grew up going to many Thursday evening auctions at his local sales barn, but never considered auction school until he met Bryce.

The industry is now an even more important part of his life. He finds great fulfillment in being there for individuals undergoing significant life changes. He shared a heartwarming anecdote that exemplifies the rewards of building relationships as an auctioneer. Lake recounted an experience where he assisted a woman who had recently lost her husband and needed help with his estate. Within a tight timeframe, Lake's team organized and liquidated the belongings, ensuring a smooth transition for the woman. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she expressed how Lake's support had made a significant impact on her life. Stories like these serve as powerful reminders of the importance of being there for others during challenging times and reaffirm the meaningful role that auctioneers play in people's lives.


These stories and experiences shared by Bryce Hansen, Jamie Back, and Lake Boehm demonstrate that the auction industry is rewarding in multifaceted ways. Whether it's the opportunity to form connections and learn from successful individuals, the enjoyment derived from providing entertainment to bidders, or the fulfillment that comes from building genuine relationships, auctioneers find immense satisfaction in their work. The auction industry is a testament to the power of human connections and the profound impact that can be made through auctioneering.