Winning the Bid: The Attraction of Real Estate Auctions

Winning the Bid: The Attraction of Real Estate Auctions

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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, traditional methods of buying and selling properties are being replaced by innovative approaches that are revolutionizing the industry. One approach that has gained considerable attention and popularity is real estate by auction. Here at Hansen Auction Group, we have exceptional results with our real estate auctions. Continue reading to understand and explore why real estate auctions are so effective.


Maximum Exposure for Top Dollar

When it comes to real estate auctions, one of the most compelling aspects is the potential for maximizing exposure and securing top dollar for properties. Hansen Auction Group has a proven track record of demonstrating this powerfully through our past auctions. In the year 2022 alone, we held 33 real estate auctions, with an average of 72 bidders per real estate auction.  Our reach extended beyond the local markets, on those 33 auctions, and we averaged bidders from 3 different states per auction. This high level of participation underscores the broad appeal and competitive nature of selling real estate by auction.


Hansen Auction Group Advantage

A core principle that sets the Hansen Auction Group apart is our recognition of the correlation between effective marketing and successful auction outcomes. We invest considerable time and effort in developing specialized marketing plans for each property that we handle. This strategic approach taps into a wide-ranging marketplace, ensuring the property reaches its intended audience and generates competitive bidding. Our commitment to customizing marketing efforts highlights the dedication we have to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


Specialized Marketing Plan

At Hansen Auction Group we value the importance of a strategic marketing plan tailored to gain maximum exposure for each property we sell.   We do this by utilizing a wide range of marketing channels that exhibit widespread exposure.  From targeted online ads on social media and industry websites to captivating photos and professional-grade videos that portray the story of the property, our approach is impactful.  The use of drones for aerial views adds an extra layer of visual engagement, allowing potential buyers to fully appreciate each property's unique features and angles.


Multi-par Option for Maximum Flexibility

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One particularly attractive aspect of our real estate auctions is the availability of multi-par auctions. This option offers sellers the opportunity to enhance their selling experience by subdividing land or building sites into multiple parcels. Potential buyers can then bid on individual parcels or multiple ones, allowing for a flexible and dynamic auction process. This approach maximizes the potential pool of buyers and encourages competitive bidding.


Final Thoughts

Real estate auctions have proven their effectiveness time and again in the market. The combination of maximum exposure, specialized marketing plans, and innovative options like multi-par auctions creates an atmosphere of competition that benefits both sellers and buyers. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the real estate landscape, Hansen Auction Group is a trusted partner for those seeking to navigate the dynamic world of real estate auctions. 

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, exploring the possibilities offered by real estate auctions could very well be the key to your success in the competitive real estate market. To learn more about our auction real estate services contact our Real Estate Department at 715-607-4411. To view our current real estate auctions, take a look at our website under the Real Estate tab.


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